Disintegration 2020 Review & PC Gameplay

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Disintegration 2020 Review & PC Gameplay

Release Date: 16 June 2020. Disintegration is an ambitious PC game that merges first-person shooting, vehicular combat, and squad-based, real-time tactics into one clean, esports-friendly bundle. It has all the makings of a great game: It boasts a sci-fi setting with an interesting campaign, a pseudo-futuristic aesthetic, and solid shooting action married to strategic unit-management. Unfortunately, Disintegration doesn’t stick the landing. The V1 Interactive-developed game excels at none of its elements, and the genre mishmash only really serves to muddy the experience. Plus, AI problems and weak shot damage compound these issues, further tarnishing the game. Disintegration is by no means a bad game, but it's a boring one. There just isn’t enough here to keep you coming back for another gameplay session. Disintegration takes place in a pseudo-futuristic Earth where the rapidly declining and erratic climate has ravaged mankind. As a result, humanity adopted a new technology, Integration, that transplants human consciousness into machine avatars to better endure the harsh world. Unfortunately, some factions have taken it upon themselves to force Integration on the unwilling, leading to massive conflict.

Your robot band is led by Romer, the Integration poster child turned rebel. The rest of the ragtag crew is filled with one-dimensional personalities, such as the hulking, tough-guy robot and the goofy blue robot rocking a silly hat. They are not particularly riveting characters, but they aren’t unlikable, either; they move the plot along well enough. The robots all have fantastic designs, and their clothing gives them an air of humanity that somewhat improves their relatively flat personalities.

Romer pilots a Gravcycle, a hovering, one-person weapons platform. It's there that you'll spend all of your playtime. The Gravcycle has six degrees of movement, plus primary and secondary weapons. From it, you also command a squad of allied ground units. You function as the scout, leader, and support, as the rest of the team follows you across the battlefield. Your team mates are AI controlled, but you can send them direct orders to move or target enemies. These units also have powerful special abilities, including grenade lobs, mortar area-of-effect (AOE) attacks, and movement-crippling stasis fields. Click on the photo bellow USING A MOBILE DEVICE such as a smartphone of tablet, to watch the related video on Dezaiar Youtube Channel:

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