Dual Universe Beta Begins August 27th

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Dual Universe Beta Begins August 27th

Novaquark have announced the release date for Dual Universe, along with when the game will enter beta, and the game’s subscription plan. As stated in the press release (via email) the game’s subscription model shall begin in the beta, for $6.99 USD a month. There will also be bundled options for three months ($20.97 USD), six months ($38.45), and 12 months ($69.90, a saving of two months). More options will also come after launch. 

This pricing model will also be supported when the game launches. Alpha backers will access to the Beta “for free” (the press release not specifying when they will have to pay for a subscription), but the Alpha packs ($60 USD) will soon stop being sold on the official website. The NDA for alpha testers will also drop when the beta launches.

Finally, the game’s opening cinematic trailer was released, showing how (after Earth’s destruction) humanity took to the stars to create new societies.  Dual Universe is a Continuous Single-Shard sandbox MMORPG taking place in a vast fully editable Sci-Fi universe, focusing on emergent gameplay with player-driven in-game economy, politics, trade and warfare

The first fully editable universe made for players by players.
The only limit is your imagination! Gather your friends and build on a truly epic scale.

Ground vehicles, ships, buildings, cities, space stations…
Script games inside the game, contraptions, puzzles and amazing interactive constructs, then blueprint them and sell them for profit, or hoard them for strategic advantage. 

Dual Universe is the first game where potentially millions of players can interact together simultaneously, inside the same giant universe. We call it the continuous single shard.

No multi-server player separation, instances or loading times, just one enormous persistent universe that never stops. Everyone you meet is human and your social interactions will drive game play. What you do matters.

Will you fight? Trade? Cooperate? Or betray one another? 

Explore & Discover new worlds with your friends, find rare resources and build the greatest place in the universe.

Be a nomad treasure hunter, or a calculating profiteer.
Whatever your choice, there is a new home for you among the stars.
Will tales of your deeds make their way across the galaxy? 

Dual Universe has the most realistic economy system ever made in a game, and it’s all about creation, industrialization, logistics, trading and competition. Everyone can be tomorrow’s greatest innovator and rule the world with their product designs, or production factories.

Players can combine their skills and create a powerful company to dominate the market. Weapons, tools, outposts, spaceships and even giant space stations, you can build and trade everything to everyone – at your price – on your own market (work in progress). Act wisely with your newfound power. 

Once you adventure outside the secure areas, get ready to face players fighting for supremacy, resource control or geostrategic advantage. Space pirates raid lonely travelers, corporations steal from each other, warlords rain destruction and cities need the costly protection of dome-tech…

Join with fellow players and create your own defense systems, build ships, cities and space stations to defend yourself or lay waste to your enemies. What will you choose to be? A proud fleet commander or a dangerous pirate? A sheep or a wolf? Or maybe something different altogether.

Watch your back. 

With emergent gameplay and an advanced organization management system, Dual Universe has a completely open political landscape. From the most ruthless dictatorship to the most open-minded democracy, players are free to set their own values, their own rules, their own leaders and voting structures.

Good or bad, they are what they decide to be. Choose an organization or build your own, hire new players, fight other alliances, cut deals with them or rule your own part of the Universe. Which societal model will succeed?

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