Best Gaming Mouse 2020

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Best Gaming Mouse 2020

A gaming mouse is one of the most critical components of a PC gaming setup. Gaming keyboards have an important place, but their effect on your gaming is minor compared to a gaming mouse. The difference between using a mediocre keyboard and a great one isn't going to be as significant as the difference between a mediocre mouse and a great mouse.

When you're playing a PC game where quick and accurate aiming is essential (which is a lot of games!), having a great mouse that's comfortable in your hand is the best way to ensure you're playing at your peak. A lesser mouse can introduce latency, add acceleration, or even track poorly. That'll be a distraction in non-competitive games, but when it comes to serious battles online, that extra time spent aiming can be the difference between winning and losing.

The best gaming mouse can ensure each of your hand movements are accurately and consistently tracked. In this way, you can build up muscle memory in each of your games so that you always know just how far to move your mouse to land on your target. There are many gaming mice that can deliver this solid tracking alongside a whole host of extra features, but these are the ones we think offer the very best experience.

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