GeForce Now™ Streaming Service

Source: dezaiar on 18 July 2020 at 09:38 EET

GeForce Now™ Streaming Service

Install today the GeForce Now ™ android application on your android phone and then through this app connect to your Nvidia Account that you are using also for your Nvidia GeForce Experience PC software, and that is it ! Inside  GeForce Now ™ android application you are going to find many Steam PC games that you can play them on your android phone by streaming them !! No need to install them on your android phone ! And of course, is not possible to install them because are not suitable for android installation because we are talking about all these awesome  Steam PC games such as Assassin's Creed, Hitman II etc. All what you have to do is to connect to your Steam account through this app ! There is also an Epic Games PC game inside this app, which is Fortnite ! 

So what are you waiting for ! Install today the  GeForce Now ™  android application on your android phone, and play Fortnite without need to be installed on your Android Phone ! Click on the photo  bellow USING A MOBILE DEVICE such as a smartphone of tablet, to watch the related video on Dezaiar Youtube Channel:

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