How To Get Magic Cube In Free Fire

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How To Get Magic Cube In Free Fire

Free Fire players can use Magic Cube to redeem exclusive skin packages and rewards in the game. Continue reading to learn how to get Magic Cube in Free Fire.  Garena had rolled out a Free Fire update recently which introduced players to a bunch of new events and features. The developers had brought a free Magic Cube Event where players were able to get 50x Magic Cube fragments by completing the event. Garena organises these events every year and the most recent event concluded on April 13, 2020.  How to get magic cube in Free Fire?

In Free Fire, players can get Magic Cube by collecting 100x Magic Cube fragments. This can be later combined into a single piece. Players can use these Magic Cubes to redeem exclusive skin packages in the game which are only available in time-limited events. With the help of these Magic Cubes, players can also earn a number of exclusive bundles for free. Therefore, many Free Fire players have been hunting for this item to get rare skins and other exclusive bundles. To get free Magic Cubes, players simply need to participate in the Magic Cube events. However, you will have to wait until Garena announces next such event to be able to get free Magic Cubes.

Other tricks to get free Magic Cube: There is a special airdrop containing magic cubes which can be purchased using Paytm or Google balance. You can buy an Elite pass which comes with 10 free cube fragments. These can be exchanged for magic cubes. However, you will need 100 cube fragments in exchange for a magic cube. You will get free cube fragments when you spin a minimum of 25 times in a Diamond Royal.

However, as mentioned earlier, you will need to have 100x fragments to be able to form a Magic Cube. In this case, players can also buy the rest of the pieces from the store section or wait until Garena brings the next Magic Cube event in the future.

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